Hello, I’m Andrii Sedniev

At the age of 19, Andrii obtained CCIE (Certified Cisco
Internetwork Expert) certification, the most respected
certification in the IT world
, and became the youngest
person in Europe to hold it.

At the age of 23, he joined an MBA program at one of the top
10 MBA schools
in the USA. Being the youngest student in the
program and at the age of 25 he joined Cisco Systems’ Head
Office as a Product Manager responsible for managing a router
which brought in $1 billion in revenue every year.

These and other experiences have taught Andrii that success in
any endeavor doesn’t depend as much on the amount of
experience you have as on the processes that you are using.

Having dedicated over 10 years to researching the behavior of
the world’s most successful people and testing a variety of
different techniques, Andrii has uncovered principles that will
help you to unleash your potential and fulfill your dreams in a
very short period of time.

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